Sports Heroes Remembrance

E. Wallace W. Watling

E. Wallace W. Watling

Statement of Significance

In recent years the multi-sport performer has given way to the one-sport specialist. There are no such things as sport seasons any longer; as a consequence, versatility has become a relic of another era.

It’s too bad, really, because had he lived at this time, Wallie Watling of Chatham would have been required to give up eight of his sports in favour of specialization in the ninth! Baseball, boxing, basketball, track and field and handball, volleyball and gymnastics, hockey and rugby were his sports; but he also found time to be a husband, father of six, solider, referee, coach, physical director, and mayor.

The category of “all-around athlete” was created especially for those very few who, like Wallie Watling, were Jacks of all Trades, – and masters of many.

Enrolled in the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, June 1, 1985.