Sports Heroes Remembrance


Amédée "Meddy" Cormier

Statement of Significance

It is nearly impossible to do justice to the achievements of “Meddy” Cormier in a few words. His success as a coach at the high school, community, university and provincial levels was awe-inspiring: 11 curling championships including a national gold medal, two Atlantic University titles, eight provincial interscholastic and junior championships, one provincial interscholastic championship in hockey and 12 Atlantic University and provincial championships in track and field.

Add to this his involvement as an athlete on a slew of champion baseball, hockey and track and field teams, his contributions as a speaker, teacher, organizer and administrator and his lasting influence on hundreds of young men and women over the course of their education at the Université de Moncton, and you have an exceptional builder of sports.

Inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame on June 5, 1982.