Pre – Visit Activities

To gain the greatest benefit from a visiting Sports Ambassador, it is suggested that students participate in research activities to make them aware of the individuals involved – and the sports in which they competed. Following are a series of suggested activities, a few of which students might be encouraged to complete in the days before the visit. Note that these activities are designed for students to gain basic information about the NBSHF. Students should research to find out:

  • The names of athletes from their own community/region who are members of the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame.
  • The different sports in which members of the NBSHF have participated.
  • The names of sports in which members participated as individuals and as teams.
  • The names of members who have accomplished “firsts” in some way for New Brunswickers. (ex. First Olympic Gold Medal)
  • The names of members who have participated for New Brunswick at the national, and international level, and in what sports they competed in.
  • The names of New Brunswick athletes who have competed in the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, and the Pan-American Games. In what sport did they compete?
  • Which teams have won national championships?
  • In what sports have female members been involved and who are the female athletes/sport builders inducted into the NB Sports Hall of Fame?

During your visit with a Sports Ambassador students are invited to ask questions, to explore, and to reflect on what they are hearing. The presentation is meant to achieve four goals, as follows:

  • Students will be inspired to participate in sport.
  • Students will learn about the benefits of sport participation
  • Students will learn about provincial athletes and sport builders
  • Students will learn about the NB Sports Hall of Fame

Next, you can see a brief summary of what the Sports Ambassadors program can offer as an aid to the NB Curriculums in Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Health Education. You can view the outcomes, along with classroom activities that can used after your visit with the Sports Ambassador. Below are some of the activities that could inspire students to further pursue their interest in sports.



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