Artefacts Collection

We have over 9000 items, artefacts, family heirlooms, art and photographs in our collection.

View artefacts online

Many items from our collection are part of Artefacts Canada database and can be viewed by clicking HERE.


View artefacts onsite

A request to view artefacts can be made with a minimum of 15 days advance notification by completing the Collections Access Application Form. Please read below before completing the Collection Access Application Form.

The New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame developed the following policies and procedures in order to make its collection available for examination and study by the public while preserving and protecting the artefacts in the collection. Failure to comply with the policies and procedures herein will result in denial of future access to the NB Sports Hall of Fame Collection.

  1. The NB Sports Hall of Fame Executive Director or designee reserves the right to deny access to collections. Access to certain objects may be restricted due to their fragility, age, value, importance, or at the request of a donor or lender.
  2. Examination will be conducted in a collections work area under the supervision of a NBSHF staff member. Applicants must observe all collections access conditions and security procedures while in work areas and must follow Museum staff instructions.
  3. Applicants may handle artefacts only with permission of Museum staff and only when wearing provided cotton or nitrile gloves, unless otherwise directed.
  4. Applicants may take hand written notes in pencil. Pens, markers, and other permanent marking tools are not permitted in collections storage or collections work areas.
  5. Applicants may not remove tags or labels from artefacts.
  6. Applicants may not clean, dust, or brush artefacts without consulting Museum staff.
  7. Applicants may undertake object photography or illustration only if they have received permission from the Executive Director or designee.
  8. Applicants may not subject artefacts to technical examination of any type or reproduce artefacts in any media other than photography or illustration as stated above, without written permission from the Museum.
  9. Applicants may request copies of non-restricted accession file information. Access to the collections and accession file information is provided without warranties as to its accuracy or completeness, and applicants will assume any and all risk in their use of this information. Copy fees may apply.
  10. Applicants should submit to the Museum one (1) digital or paper copy of any document or publication resulting from examination of the NB Sports Hall of Fame collections.

 *For administrative hours and operation visit our About us page

All prospective applicants must complete the Collections Access Request Form.  Applications must be submitted at least fifteen days (15) days in advance of the date(s) the applicant wishes to access the Museum’s collections.

If you have any items you think belongs in the NB Sports Hall of Fame’s collection, please visit our donations page by cliking HERE.


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