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As a Non-Profit Charitable Organization we rely on the support of generous donors like
you to fulfill our mission of celebrating the achievements of New Brunswick’s most accomplished athletes and sport
builders. These few, with their tireless dedication to the betterment of themselves and others inspire young and old to
strive for excellence in their own lives, proof that nothing is impossible for those who are willing to try.

Initiatives like Sports Ambassadors, Heritage Fairs, Off-Site Exhibits as well as Educational Programs within the Hall
allow us to share the stories of these incredible New Brunswickers, showing the next generation that with
determination and hard work anyone is capable of greatness.

Help us honour New Brunswick’s sport legends and Join Our Team by filling out this form and donating to the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame. Together, we can ensure that these initiatives and the stories they tell continue to inspire for years to come. 

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Donate Your Time

There are numerous additional volunteer opportunities available at the NB Sports Hall of Fame. Positions range from office assistance and special events to working with our curator in the archives and creating displays.

Please contact us at for more information.

Donate Your Artefacts

If you have a historical item you are interested in donating to the NB Sports Hall of Fame or if you own a sports item and need help identifying its’ history, please contact the NB Sports Hall of Fame’s Curator at

For more information, please contact the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame.